OpenSignal : Unifi Is The "King" Of 5G Download Speeds In The World

 OpenSignal has now released the latest report comparing the telecommunication networks that offer 5G services in the world. Through the comparison shown, Unifi Mobile is seen to have the fastest average download rate in the world – reaching a rate of around 407.4-421.7Mbps in the world.

Also occupying the same ranking as Unifi is Telenor in Sweden. In addition to Unifi, in the same category, Digi is also seen to have one of the highest average download rates globally.

In addition, according to OpenSignal's partnership, Yes and U Mobile also have extensive 5G coverage in the world, while Digi offers a good video game experience using 5G, followed by Celcom and U Mobile.

It is quite interesting to see various local telcos listed at the top - due to the use of DNB's trunk network in Malaysia today.

Together we hope that the ladder can be maintained with more people using the 5G network in Malaysia.

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