Oppo Ends Cloud Storage Support For Malaysian Users

 Oppo has now announced that they will no longer continue the HeyTap Cloud cloud storage service, at the same time users can no longer use it to make duplicate copies to cloud storage for the Photos, Recorder and Private Safe applications.

In addition to sync support, users can no longer use Cloud Backup and Cloud Drive support on their Oppo devices.

Those of you who use this Oppo cloud storage service, you will be refunded (if you subscribe to a paid plan), and you will be asked to download data from it as soon as possible.

After May 7, 2024, users will no longer be able to download data from the cloud storage, and all data on HeyTap Cloud will be deleted. After May 7, 2025, users will no longer be able to restore data from Cloud Backup or download from Cloud Drive.

With this move, Oppo device users are asked to look at some other alternative services, such as Google Drive and others.

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