Russia Wants to Build Its Own Space Station Starting 2027


Russia will move on its own by building its space station starting in 2027. President Vladimir Putin said that with the International Space Station (ISS) expected to stop operating by 2030, Russia will build its own space station due to increasingly strained diplomatic relations with the United States and European countries.

Previously the ROSCOSMOS agency said they would withdraw from the ISS after Russia was imposed sanctions due to the conflict in Ukraine. But later agreed to continue cooperation until 2028. Before joining the ISS program, Russia had the Mir space station which operated between 1986 and 2001.

Mir became the template for China's Tiangong space station which will operate from 2022. It is certain that after this several space stations will be built by private companies. Outer space which used to only be explored by developed countries, can now also be explored by companies and individuals who can afford it.

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