Shane Is An Electric Car With Two Giant Tires

 Take a look on the road and you can see that electric car designs are almost all the same. Large size, four wheels and aerodynamic design. But the Shane is a new electric car that tries to break out of this mold by being equipped with just two giant-sized tires. This electric car was designed by Shane Chen who previously produced two-wheeled hoverboards.

Although only two wheels, Shane's cabin can accommodate five passengers. To turn, one of the tires will move faster. According to Shane's designer, all the time this vehicle will balance the passenger's weight like a floating board.

To get into Shane's cabin, the front opens like a flap. The self-driving system is fully used so it does not need a driver or control instruments like other electric cars.

The advantage of Shane's design according to the designer is that it can rotate 360 degrees locally. The parking process for example is faster with a two-wheeled configuration. Shane Chen is now looking for industry partners who are willing to realize his designs.

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