Suzuki Showcases Electric Scooters That Can Climb Stairs


As we age, the ability of personal mobility decreases. The use of chairs is not the best solution due to various deficiencies in the infrastructure which is generally not friendly to the disabled. Japan has the issue of a growing elderly population. In order to enable the Japanese elderly to be independent, Suzuki produced the MOQBA electric scooter which can not only be used in wheeled mode but also capable of climbing stairs.

The Suzuki Modular Quad Based Architecture (MOQBA) was designed specifically as a mobility vehicle for the elderly in Japan. With the infrastructure for the elderly not so perfect, a special vehicle that makes it easier for the elderly to move on their own needs to be developed.

This electric scooter is indeed designed for the elderly but there are several other models with a reclining seat that is different from the body that is ridden like a motorcycle. There are also cargo-only models that allow the MOQBA to also be used for shipping purposes.

At this point the MOQBA is still just a concept but Japan has a history of producing special vehicles and equipment specifically to help the elderly such as external frames.

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