Unifi user? Unifi Rewards Points Not Redeemed Before October 1, 2023 Will Be Lost

 For Unifi users, you may already be aware of a feature called Unifi Rewards. Through it, Unifi gives reward points in the form of one point for every ringgit spent on Unifi products when paying the monthly bill.

However, after October 1, 2023, Unifi Rewards will undergo changes, and no more reward points will be awarded. In fact, existing accumulated reward points will be lost and cannot be used after October 1, 2023.

The new Unifi Rewards will be tiered based on package, subscription period and several other factors.

So, for those of you who use Unifi, don't forget to redeem your Unifi Rewards points by today before they just disappear. You can redeem through MyUnifi app or Unifi Selfcare Portal today.

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