US Bans Export of New Graphics Components For HPC And AI Purposes To China

 It is no secret that the United States government and its allies do not want China to move forward when it comes to computing power and the advancement of artificial intelligence technology. Various economic sanctions have been put in place, and will apparently continue to be put in place to ensure that this does not happen.

Recently, the United States government has announced that the export of NVIDIA A800 and NVIDIA H800 graphics cards to Chinese technology companies will be banned. Meanwhile, two Chinese chipmakers, Biren and Moore Threads, will also soon be denied access to high-quality processing chip-making equipment.

This obstacle to the export of the A800 and H800 processing chips is something unique because last year, NVIDIA was allowed to export these components as well as Gaudi 2 by Intel to the country, provided that a number of components and technologies were not loaded into it.

This is not a problem because what is important is the performance of these components which are not affected by these changes. The American government seems increasingly determined to widen the technological gap between China and their own with this latest announcement.

  Gina Raimondo, the United States Secretary of Commerce said that these latest restrictions are done to ensure that national security is maintained and also to ensure that human rights are maintained, especially when looking at how the Chinese government uses this technology to monitor the behavior of its citizens.

As for Biren Technologies and Moore yThreads, this latest restriction means that they can no longer access TSMC's processing chip manufacturing services that they previously enjoyed.

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