Yayasan Pahang And Beyond4 Present With A Special Startup Accelerator Program For Children Or Startups From Pahang

If you follow the development of the local startup world, you realize or not that many programs, initiatives, events and even workshops are held in states that are generally located in the west. Yayasan Pahang in collaboration with Beyond4, wants to focus on the development of startups with two interesting criteria compared to others.

The two criteria for any start-up company to participate in the Yayasan Pahang start-up program are whether their startup is based in Pahang or any startup founder is born in Pahang. If one of these conditions is met, Yayasan Pahang welcomes admission into any program and for this start-up, they come with two programs which are the Pahang Innovative Talent Accelerator (PITA) skills development program and the Pahang Innovative Startup Accelerator program ( PISA).

For PITA, this skill development program is specially offered for graduates from Pahang to deepen their courses and obtain skills certification such as data analysis, Internet of Things (IoT), and also SAP certification. This program will be launched soon.

Meanwhile for PISA, they have successfully held this accelerator program 3 times starting from 2022. Through this program, startups will go through an accelerator program for 3 months that will focus on enriching their business, to ensure that the startup that will be developed will bring profit. At the end of this accelerator program, there will be a presentation event (Demo Day) and successful companies will also receive an investment opportunity from the Pahang Foundation itself of around RM 50,000 and also ongoing support from Beyond4.

To date, 39 startups have benefited through this program, and have also participated in the Demo Day event in presenting their ideas to the public. Among the startups that have participated in the PISA accelerator program are YesHello, Exploria, Umorie, Qarbotech, MyRehat and many more. Even Qarbotech, which comes with technology to multiply crop yields, has already received an investment worth $800,000, and is collecting Pre-Series A funds amounting to RM 8 million, for a company value of over RM 50 million.

In addition, in front of the Pahang Foundation building is Rumah Pahang which was built to encourage the growth of start-up companies based in Pahang, in addition to being a place for any activities such as courses, sharing events, co-working spaces, recording studios, meeting rooms, and many more. .

With the existence of this collaboration between Yayasan Pahang and Beyond4, their hopes are high to develop and advance the world of Pahang start-ups, at the same time providing rapid growth to the state's economy. For those of you interested in their managed program, visit the Beyond4 website for more information.

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