Airbus Successfully Tests Refueling System For Swaterbang Drone

 There are prophecies in the future, there will be no more need for human pilots to perform dangerous missions on the battlefield. This has actually happened in the conflict in Ukraine and Azerbaijan where drones were used to bomb enemy locations successfully. Like normal aircraft, swaterbang drones can still only operate as long as they have fuel. To enable it to fly longer, Airbus developed an automatic refueling system for this drone.

The Auto'Mate system installed on MRTT's A330 tanker aircraft has successfully refueled five Airbus DT-25 waterbang drones. Auto'Mate allows the tanker aircraft to control the waterbang drone from a distance of several kilometers directly to the refueling stick without human intervention. After completion, the drone will return to operating independently carrying out its mission. In order to enable safe refueling, communication systems, cameras, LiDAR and artificial intelligence are used by Auto'Mate.

This year Airbus also successfully tested an automatic refueling system on an A330 MRTT for fighter aircraft of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) with the country being the first to use it starting next year.

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