Apple Vision Pro May Launch March 2024

 The Apple Vision Pro was shown in June this year and it is said to be launched in early 2024. This is a date that is still a bit of a mystery as it has not been detailed until now. It's most likely because Apple refuses to make a big mistake like the AirPower announcement a few years ago. According to a Bloomberg report, the Vision Pro is most likely to be launched in March 2024.

In the same report, Bloomberg said that the device was originally supposed to be launched in January 2024. However, the date has been pushed back as Apple is still doing final stage testing and planning how the product will be distributed to consumers.

Unlike other Apple products, the Vision Pro will be sold exclusively through the Apple Store only. As with the first-generation Apple Watch, Apple Store staff will help shoppers test the Vision Pro and make sure it's properly adjusted for each buyer.

Vision Pro will only be sold in the United States first before its sales are expanded to several other markets. In our previous report, only 400K units will be produced for the first generation after seeing the response to VR/AR headsets which will be cold at this time.

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