Bluesky Now Has Over 2 Million Users – An Alternative Social Platform To Twitter


Bluesky is one of the social media platforms like Twitter, which also has the support of Jack Dorsey. It is still offered in closed beta and requires users to have an invite before they can use it.

Recently, Bluesky shared that they now have over 2 million users on their platform. Bluesky is seen doubling their users after reaching 1 million around September 2023.

Bluesky also implements the objective of being an open social media, and supports the AT protocol - at the same time allowing other parties to also develop and support the protocol.

By sharing the achievement of 2 million users, Bluesky now also aims to introduce their service on the web this month openly and not in beta form anymore.

For now, it is not shared yet when Bluesky will be open to the public openly without any invitation.

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