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Charby is a local accessory manufacturer established by former UTM students that started offering GaN chargers and all-in-one cables. They then shifted focus to magnetic products that brought MagSafe-like support to all devices other than the iPhone.

Most recently, they have come up with the Charby Orbit Infinity Mount, which is a magnetic phone holder made of aluminum, designed with a very thin design and includes N52 neodymium magnets. Orbit Infinity Mount is also designed to be a flexible accessory because it can be used for any situation.

Orbit Infinity Mount

These locally branded swags are some of the most affordable premium accessories I've ever used. Since using the Orbit series last year, to this day only this brand is my daily use MagSafe accessory for smartphones. The Orbit Infinity Mount has given me a satisfactory usage experience and I no longer use last year's model, the Orbit Magnetic Car Mount One-handed.

This pole can be folded because it has a hinge that is quite tight and strong. This makes it easy for me to keep it either in a pocket or in a bag. During my several months of use, I have used this pole on my car to view map navigation while driving, use it as a monopod for taking selfies, use it on a table while working or eating and connect this Orbit Infinity Mount to a tripod to do short video recordings using an iPhone.

The N52 magnet used is also quite strong, even stronger than in the official MagSafe accessory. When driving and hit a bump or hole my device still sticks and the pole itself is hard to come off even without using any adhesive on the dashboard surface of my car.

I rarely find accessories like this, because usually any pole is the type that has a handle that often breaks easily or gets damaged because it separates itself from the base. Charby's experiment with this accessory changed the way I use the device to make multitasking even easier. Another way I have tried is to attach it to the laptop to watch videos or read novels on Cereka.

Orbit Pad 2 + Gel Pad

Charby Orbit Pad 2 is a magnetic pad that allows the device to rotate 360 degrees to use the device vertically, horizontally or whatever angle you like. But to do that, a user has to own two Orbit Pad 2. It is an update to last year's Orbit Pad with a thinner design. If there is only one pad, it can be an additional magnet on the device for use with other MagSafe accessories.

Nano gel accessories are nothing new. It has long been introduced as the simplest device holder because it is just a rubbery silicone pad with glue that does not leave traces and can be used many times because after dusting it can be washed and the glue will recover. Charby uses this pad as the main sticker so that users can stick the Infinity Mount pole on the car, remove the sticker on the kitchen wall when cooking or on the mirror when recording hairdressing videos.


After about two months of use I can say this is one of my favorite and most interesting magnetic accessories I have ever used. I really like the flexibility of this Charby Orbit Infinity Mount which allows me to do various tasks easily and more efficiently. The premium build, affordable price, minimalist design and functionality as advertised rather than just a gimmick is an example that other accessory manufacturers should emulate.


Thin, simple, premium and flexible design.

Very strong N52 Neodymium magnets.

Offers a variety of usage methods.

Supports any Android and iPhone device.

Affordable price.


Nano gel easily comes off if not diligently washed.

Iron coil for Android devices sold separately.

Color options are limited to silver and black only.

Surfaces get dirty quickly and are difficult to clean.

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