EURO 2024 Smart Ball Can Detect Offside And Handball


Adidas showed the FUSSBALLLIEBE ball that will be used during the EURO 2024 event that will take place in Germany. This smart ball is unique because it is the first produced by Adidas with the use of Connected Ball Technology.

Sensors on the surface of the ball as well as the inside allow FUSSBALLLIEBE to detect offside fouls and handballs. Every touch, movement, kick, header and acceleration can be recorded. This will help the referee on the field to make the right decision with the help of Connected Ball Technology.

It is an improvement to the Adidas Al Rihla ball's inertial measuring unit (IMU) sensor system used on last year's Qatar World Cup ball. The technology was used to confirm the goal was scored by Bruno Fernandes and not Cristiano Ronaldo's header.

Connected Ball Technology was developed by Adidas in collaboration with Kinexon. With pressure detection on 20 ball panels and artificial intelligence (AI), offside incidents can be analyzed not only more accurately but also faster than current VAR systems.

In addition, FUSSBALLLIEBE is also the most sustainable ball Adidas has ever produced because it uses new as well as corn, sugar cane, wood and rubber along with recycled polyester. The 2024 EURO Cup will take place from June 14 to July 14, 2024.

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