FiiO Audio Brand Develops Mechanical Keyboard With Built-in Audio Components


FiiO is an audio brand that is quite famous for their audio amplifier hardware. Recently, they are seen to have entered the arena of computer accessories as well, and have developed a keyboard called FiiO KB3.

Recently, FiiO has introduced a HiFi edition of this keyboard, which comes with a built-in op-amp and DAC (Digital-Analog Converter). According to the Jade Audio website, FiiO has loaded two CS43131 DAC chips inside, and has two 3.5mm and 4.4mm dual-balance plugs that can drive headphones with power values as high as 550mW.

This keyboard comes with 75% size and uses Gateron GPro 3.0 Linear mechanical switches. The frame of this keyboard is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy to keep it light, but still strong. It also comes with a gasket overlay system for a more comfortable typing experience.

Technically, this FiiO KB3 keyboard also comes with a wireless variant, where users can connect it to a device using a WiFi or Bluetooth connection, but for this keyboard, it does not have a combination of op-amp and DAC in it. It comes with a built-in 400mAH battery.

Apart from Jade Audio, the FiiO KB3 HiFi keyboard is also sold on AliExpress for $149.99. The Wireless model of this keyboard is sold at a price of $129.99.

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