Half Life Documentary Released For 25th Anniversary


What is the most important video game in the history of the industry? Surely many people have their own answer but we are sure that the chosen one is Half Life. This first video game released by Valve became the stepping stone to the existence of Steam, Steam Deck and Counter Strike. On November 19, Half Life will celebrate its 25th anniversary. To celebrate the game's quarter century, Steam released a documentary that can be watched for free on YouTube.

The original staff who produced Half Life are invited to talk about their experiences producing this video game as well as the history of Valve's founding. For Half Life fans this documentary is a must watch as there are many behind the scenes stories revealed such as the technological challenges and how the early staff were recruited from fast food restaurants. The documentary was produced by Secret Tape under the auspices of Danny O'dwyer who is also the owner of the YouTube channel NoClip.

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