Infinix devices will also have features like Dynamic Island


The Dynamic Island feature on the iPhone 14 Pro uses the empty space between the Face ID cameras to display various useful notifications. It is now standard on all iPhone 15 series and has been followed by other manufacturers such as Realme. Infinix will also have similar features through the Infinix Smart 8 HD with a mockup image showing their Dynamic Island-like implementation.

On Infinix devices this feature is called Magic Link. It can display charge level, low battery, full charge and received phone calls. Only four of these features have been targeted so far. It still doesn't have audio controls, flashlights or tracking navigation services like the ones supported on the real Dynamic Island.

The Infinix Smart 8 HD will be launched in India next week but complete information on its specifications for now. Need Android manufacturers to borrow the Dynamic Island concept on their devices?

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