KTM Komuter Now Supports Payment Using Debit Cards


KTM Komuter has now started supporting payments using debit cards at ACG (Automatic Control Gate) - at the same time providing more convenience and alternatives to users in making payments when using KTM Komuter services.

For now, this new feature can be used at all KTM Komuter service stations in the Klang Valley and North. Only local bank cards can be used at the automatic control gate terminal.

KTM also emphasized that a temporary holding value of RM30 will be implemented, and the balance will be returned within one to three days. If the temporary holding value is not successfully obtained, then KTM Komuter will blacklist the passenger's debit card, and will have to pay in cash at the destination counter.

For more information, you can refer to the FAQ provided by KTM Komuter to make it easier for passengers to use this new feature.

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