MacBook With Cellular Support Coming in 2028


Until now Apple has yet to offer a MacBook with built-in cellular support. Somewhat awkwardly this does not happen because Lenovo for example has long offered laptops with cellular support including 5G on their latest products. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple will only offer MacBooks with cellular support starting in 2028.

This is because the effort to develop a modem for the iPhone needs to be completed first. The development of standalone modem by Apple is faced with various problems with the existence of this report will only happen in 2026 while the original target is this year. After the iPhone, modems for the Apple Watch and iPad will be developed before the MacBook will be the last to receive it.

Apple wants to include a modem built into the processor it uses like Qualcomm did with the Snapdragon X Elite. With built-in cellular support, MacBook owners no longer need to rely on public WiFi or use their smart device's hotspot.

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