Mobile Phone Use Found to Lower Sperm Count


There are various theories about the effects of smartphone use on the human body. Average studies done before did not show the use of cellular phones causes cancer. But a recent study from Switzerland found a link between cell phone use and reduced sperm count in men.

Scientists from the University of Geneva and the Swiss Institute of Tropical and Public Health conducted a study on 3886 subjects aged between 18-22 years for 13 years. Those who used a cellular phone more than 20 times a day were found to have a median of 44.5 million sperm in each mL. This was lower than the median of 56.5 million/mL sperm in those who used a cellular phone once a week.

Although sperm count was 21% lower, no difference in shape and motility was detected. Another thing that caught the attention of researchers is that the impact of cellular phones on sperm count is decreasing with the use of new technology.

2G and 3G technologies have a higher impact than 4G and 5G. This is contrary to the conspiracy theory that 5G is harmful to human health and activates hidden chips in the body through vaccines.

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