MRANTI AV XL Self-Driving Vehicle Testing Center Launched

 In accelerating automotive progress that is growing day by day with new technology, there is a need for the existence of technology testing centers that are present in this ecosystem, including self-driving technology, charging, internet access, sustainable energy, and many more. Even the self-driving technology itself is based on various complex technologies, and the need for a special space to be created to promote the growth of the company and all parties that develop it.

Today MRANTI has launched the MRANTI AV XL self-driving vehicle testing center (Autonomous Vehicle Experimental Lab). In this testing center, companies that are active in the new generation vehicle industry will be located and also enable them to test various new technologies with infrastructure facilities such as a 12km long road including busy roads and hilly roads, multi-storey parking buildings, 5G coverage areas, traffic management tests , transit transport test, AV Simulator, and many more.

In addition to that, MRANTI also introduced 6 certifications called Deploy AV-as-a-Service where all products and solutions related to self-driving vehicles have certification based on tests that have been perfected. For example, the basic functions of a self-driving vehicle will obtain X1 certification, and X4 certification means that the technology developed also has a high level of security from any cyber attack.

For this start, a total of 8 studies related to self-driving vehicle technology will be held in collaboration with NanoMalaysia, the University of Nottingham, and also the Energy Research Institute from Nanyang Technological University Singapore. Apart from that, it also featured collaboration partners from MIROS, MARii, Futurise, as well as other local higher education institutions.

With infrastructure facilities for this testing, both in terms of parking buildings, roads, and also 5G access available, more local companies can test this technology related to self-driving vehicles more easily at MRANTI AV XL.

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