New Yahoo Search Coming In Early 2024


At one time, Yahoo was one of the leading search engine providers, competing with various others, including Google. However, since using the Bing engine to power the search, the popularity of Yahoo Search is decreasing day by day.

To this day, Yahoo Search is still powered by Bing. However, now Yahoo has begun to spread the presence of the new Yahoo Search, in early 2024.

For now, it is not known yet whether it will still be powered by Bing, or vice versa. We may see the introduction of a new interface design on Yahoo Search along with a number of other new features. It is also possible that we see Yahoo ready with the introduction of search support based on artificial intelligence as implemented by Bing Chat (now Copilot), in addition to Google SGE.

Anyway, let's all look forward to the beginning of 2024 to see the surprises prepared by Yahoo!

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