Nothing Chats Leads To Serious Privacy And Security Issues – Withdrawn


Nothing this week has announced that it will be coming with Nothing Chats which allows users of Nothing Phone devices to interact with iPhone users who use iMessage. This thing at the same time makes many users look forward to it.

However, its launch was seen withdrawn when it was found that Nothing Chats led to serious privacy and security problems. Various messages and files sent through Nothing Chats do not go through the encryption process and reveal them to other parties.

This was revealed by various security researchers, including the team behind the Texts messaging service owned by Automattic. Transmitted data is also seen to be stored via Firebase – and again unencrypted.

For information, Nothing Chats uses technology developed by Sunbird. Many have previously expressed concern when having to log in to an Apple ID account which will then go through a Mac device provided by Sunbird. The matter itself is troubling to many, but due to the promise of full encryption, many want to use it. However, with this disclosure, it simultaneously shows that the matter leads to a more serious security problem.

Nothing is ready to withdraw the application from the Google Play Store. However, the failure of the Nothing side in doing their review and promises to users is very worrying through the offering of Nothing Chats.

With this disclosure, it is not yet known whether users will be open to trying Nothing Chats again in the future

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