OnePlus 12 Design Officially Revealed

 OnePlus 12 is OnePlus' new flagship device that will be launched in China on December 5. The device will be powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, still using a Hasselblad camera, supporting USB 3.2 as well as a camera that supports up to three times optical zoom. Recently, OnePlus has officially shown the design of this device.

The device is seen to still use a more or less similar design to the OnePlus 11, where the large round camera bump sits on the back on a metal panel that joins the sides of the device. The most noticeable difference is the volume adjustment button which is now moved to the left side instead of on the right before. Then the notification dropdown button moved to the right side to make room for the new antenna.

OnePlus also showed three color options that they will sell in China which is emerald green with a marble texture, black with their iconic sandstone finish and after years of not being offered – the white color reminds me of the OnePlus One Silk White.

At the moment it is still not sure whether the StyleSwap offer, which is a swappable back panel, will be offered or not because last week there were reports that the OnePlus 12 will come with a wood finish option. It may be a special edition or a framework. Let's wait for more details about this device.

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