Proton And Perodua Expected To Come With EV Cars By 2025


The Deputy Minister of MITI (Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry) has now through an answer in Parliament shared, stating that the government has discussed with two national vehicle manufacturers to produce their respective electric cars by 2025.

With this move, it is expected to be able to present electric vehicles at a more competitive price than today.

This latest partnership is in line with what Proton has shared - saying they want to be present with electric cars as early as 2025. Meanwhile, Proton through PRO-NET will sell electric cars in Malaysia, starting with the Smart #1.

As for Perodua, they have previously shown an electric concept car. With a target of two more years, we may see that both companies will further accelerate the development and production of their respective electric cars.

Let's all look forward to the introduction of electric cars by these two national car manufacturers, and how it will change the ecosystem of electric cars in Malaysia.

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