Reminder : Google Will Delete Inactive Accounts Starting December 1st

 Last May we reported that Google will begin the process of deleting Gmail accounts that are no longer active starting December 1, 2023. Accounts are classified as inactive if they have not been used for two years.

This action is taken because accounts that are no longer active do not have a strong security system which makes them likely to be hacked. There are only a few days left before December 1st and we want to remind you to make sure all your Gmail accounts are active to prevent them from being deleted.

Google says an account is considered active if the owner does the six things below.

Emails are read or replied to

Using Google Drive

Watch YouTube videos

Download the app on the Google Play Store

Using Google Search

Using a Google account to log in to third-party services.

Google will send a notification several months before the account is deleted. It will be sent to the one to be deleted and the account used to restore access to the first account if specified.

After the account is deleted, all the content of Google Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar and Photos will be deleted forever and cannot be recovered.

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