Rimac Nevera Holds Fastest “Gostan” Record At 276 km/h


What is the fastest speed you have ever reached while driving a car. I personally was only around 140 km/h due to being chased by a Ferrari from behind on the highway. But my personal fastest speed is only half the new world record going backwards set by the Rimac Nevera car.

Rimac Nevera an electric vehicle recorded 275.74 km/h moving in "gostan" condition breaking the previous record of 165 km/h held by a Caterham 7 Fireblade. Because the Nevera is an EV, there is no problem with the gearbox to move backwards at high speeds. The four motors with a combined 1,914 horsepower that make the Nevera the world's fastest production car also allow it to move backwards without any issues.

This exotic car already holds 23 world records in the EV vehicle category before. For those who want to own the fastest production electric car and also with the highest acceleration in the world, the Nevera is sold at a price of $2.2 million (~RM 10.3 million) one.

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