Rolls Royce's World's Largest Jet Engine Can Use 100% Sustainable Fuel


The Roll Royce Ultrafan is the largest jet ever produced with a fan diameter of 3.56 meters which is the same width as the body diameter of a Boeing 737. The Ultrafan also now holds the record as the first jet engine that can use 100% sustainable fuel (SAF). Previously some flights with SAF were a combination of 50% conventional fuel and 50% SAF.

The Ultrafan is still in the testing phase with it being used on aircraft by 2030. This engine can produce up to 110,000 lb of thrust which makes it compatible for wide body aircraft such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

In addition to being powerful and more sustainable, Ultrafan also uses a fan made of carbon composite materials that are lighter than titanium. The fan blade angle can also be changed to optimize fuel consumption in all phases of flight.

According to Roll Royce, the technology used by Ultrafan can also be used on their existing engines to enable the use of SAF on current aircraft. All of this is done to enable the company to reach a net-zero level by 2050.

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