Samsung Gauss Generative AI Model Announced – Supports Language, Images And Code


Samsung officially announced their generative AI model Samsung Gauss at the ongoing Samsung AI Forum event. It consists of Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Image and Samsung Gauss Code. According to Samsung, this Samsung Gauss model was developed by them and is now used by the company's staff to increase productivity with plans to offer it on their products in the future.

Samsung Gauss Language has the ability to write emails, summarize documents, translate languages and can also be used to control Internet of Things devices on products. Samsung Gauss Image can generate images, edit images and increase image resolution. Finally, Samsung Gauss Code can help software and application writers do revisions.

Although not announced on any product so far, Samsung confirmed that Samsung Gauss could be made available on their devices in the future. This reinforces rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S24 will be the first "AI smartphone" from the world's largest smartphone manufacturer.

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