Samsung Introduces T5 Evo External SSD Storage With Up To 8TB Storage


Samsung, a leading technology brand from South Korea is quite famous for their various electronic hardware offerings, but they are also known to offer memory and storage components used in various industries as well.

Recently, they have introduced their latest external SSD storage called Samsung T5 Evo which comes with many storage options, as well as fast data transfer rates.

This T5 Evo storage design appears to be compact in size, only 95mm long and quite light. Even so, it comes with quite a large storage option, starting from 2TB, 4TB and even 8TB. Data transmission and reading rates for this SSD storage are also quite fast, at a rate of 460MB/s. You can connect this T5 Evo SSD storage to your computer or smart device using the USB Type-C cable supplied with this storage.

This storage also uses Dynamic Thermal Guard technology to ensure that this SSD storage always operates at an optimal temperature, and reduces the probability of data corruption issues. It also supports AES 256-bit data encryption to keep your data safe.

Samsung says that the Samsung T5 Evo SSD storage will be introduced globally, but for now it does not reveal the price tag for these storages.

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