Samsung Sues BOE Using Their OLED Technology Without Permission

 The closest competitor to Samsung Display in the production of OLED panels for smartphones is BOE. The manufacturer from China now offers their panels to candybar-type devices and also foldable screens such as the Oppo Find N3. Last weekend Samsung Display filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission (ITC) alleging that BOE stole some of their OLED technology secrets and infringed on the patents they held.

With this complaint, Samsung hopes to prevent the import of devices with BOE screens into the US market. In the documents filed by Samsung, the BOE is accused of using unfair competition methods including infringing intellectual property not only on OLED technology components but also on the modules used.

If the ITC favors Samsung, various devices with BOE panels could be prevented from being sold. Previously the ITC order forced Google to remove multi-room audio support on Chromecast devices. The obstacle to sales of the Apple Watch in America also involves the ITC because Apple is accused of violating intellectual property but the case is currently in the appeal process.

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