San Disk Extreme Pro Failure Issue Is Due To Design And Manufacturing Flaws

 San Disk Extreme Pro external SSD storage has previously been hailed by many media practitioners and digital professionals as one of the best storage options due to its very small physical size, compact and easy to carry anywhere, and also its digital size that can house hundreds, even thousands of videos if needed.

Everything changed when many cases of this storage corruption were reported which resulted in many San Disk Extreme Pro storage users saying that their project files or backup data were all lost and could not be recovered.

In fact, this matter is seen to be more serious when some editors from leading technology websites say that they themselves have faced the same problem, and caused a lot of company and personal work to be lost without any way to recover the data.

Western Digital, the company behind San Disk now seems to be facing a court case because of this issue, and now, a data recovery company from Europe, Attingo is seen to have tried to fix some of these San Disk Extreme Pro products, and found some issues in them.

The first is that components such as memory chips mounted on this storage circuit board are too large for it, and this causes things like weak connections, impedance and even component temperatures that are too high.

Another issue highlighted is that the solder material used to cross these components is a low quality solder, which also does not help in ensuring a strong connection between the circuit board and the components.

For now, it appears that Western Digital will only provide software updates for the San Disk Extreme Pro 4TB storage model. The 2TB and 3TB models did not receive the same update, perhaps because the issues plaguing those models are more of a component and not a software issue.

Even so, San Disk says that they have updated their components with epoxy materials that ensure they do not come off or give any issues to users again in the future.

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