Second Man to Receive Pig's Heart Dies

 The transfer of animal organs into the human body or xenotransplant is seen as one of the solutions to the problem of lack of organ donors. Over the past five years, efforts to use pig organs as a substitute for human organs have increased. Yesterday, Lawrence Faucette, who was the recipient of the world's second pig heart, reportedly died.

The deceased received a pig heart on September 20 through a procedure performed at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Initially the organ was functioning well but after almost six weeks after the operation Faucette's body started to reject the organ. Faucette was ineligible to receive a human heart organ due to some existing health problems, only a pig organ transplant could be done to save his life.

This also made him the second human to die after receiving a pig heart organ. David Bennett, who was the first recipient, died two months after the transplant, believed to be from an animal virus. He only managed to live for two months after surgery.

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