The World's Fastest, Longest And Tallest Roller Coaster Will Open In Saudi Next Year


Do you still remember the Falcon's Flight roller coaster project at Six Flags Qiddiya that we reported on in 2021? After several years in construction, Falcon's Flight, which will be the world's fastest, longest and highest roller coaster, will begin operations in 2024. It is a Saudi Arabian project in Riyadh to make their country a world-leading tourist destination.

It is 4 kilometers long, reaches a height of 160 meters and travels at a speed of over 250 km/h. This high speed is achieved using a magnetic acceleration system. A total of 20 visitors can ride the Falcon Flight which takes three minutes from start to finish.

Falcon Flight will be the main attraction at Six Flag Qiddaya which will have 28 attractions in total, six different theme zones and an area of 32 hectares. Since the country's policy has become more open, Saudi Arabia wants to change the world's negative image of it. Several mega projects have been approved to attract tourists especially from the West.

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