This is the reason why the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 is the most stylish watch

Among the many smartwatches, my favorite is actually the Wear OS watch. After years of trying different brands and types of watches, the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic is one of the best I've used so far. Not only because of the good health features or the maturing operating system, but this watch is the most stylish watch.


According to Pablo Picasso, the famous artist "Colors, like features, follow emotional changes". This means that color is a kind of communication tool that can signal our actions. It can determine mood, synchronized with physiological changes including reactions and more.

With the Samsung Galaxy Watch6, it doesn't matter which version you buy or which size - you can enjoy this "color" feature. What is it? The freedom to change to different types of watch straps and also watch faces to different themes or designs. I start with the clock face first.

In Malaysia, Samsung offers up to five watch strap options, namely Fabric Band, Hybrid Eco-Leather, D-Buckle Hybrid Eco-Leather, Extreme Sport Band and Sport Band. Each one has 3 to 7 different color options that are sure to suit your taste. Even more interesting, the selling price is not as expensive as other watch straps.

Each watch strap is unique and can be used according to the appropriate mood. For example, when I am active, I want to go to work and then I want to continue my daily activities with sports, I will choose a black Hybrid Eco-Leather watch strap. Meanwhile, if I want to relax, just go out with friends or spend time with my family, I will use the Fabric Band watch strap.

Each watch strap is soft, does not cause skin irritation, the skin can still breathe and the right choice of color makes my mood always cheerful. Samsung also still uses the traditional concept of using pins to hook to the body of the watch. Only this time it's made easier with a physical button to push and unplug or push and plug. It's no longer a chore and anyone can do it even first time users.

Finally, why the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series is the most stylish watch is the watch face. Samsung has prepared a variety of active watch faces where every element moves, there are cute animated characters, some are specific to sleep, some are also specific to exercise and are specific to fashion only.

Samsung also gives users the freedom to choose their own widget or directly choose the image they want to use. Like me, I use the Modes & Routines feature to use different watch faces according to activities at home, at the office or when going to the mall.


The combination of both the rotating bezel and the customization capabilities make the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 the most stylish smartwatch series. It has the right to be a fashion statement because before buying we can already match the watch strap and the color that suits us as if ordering a wedding dress. If not for yourself, this great clock customization can also be used as a gift for your loved ones.

If you feel that "Your Emotions Can Be Determined by Color" as a factor in owning the Galaxy Watch6, visit the Galaxy Watch Studio website to see for yourself in an immersive way every customization option that Samsung provides before purchasing this dream watch.


By making the Galaxy Watch6 a fashion statement, it can also change people's perception that smart watches are only for those who are active in sports or exercise. Not necessarily, because Samsung has proven that this watch can be a complementary ecosystem that helps with daily tasks, ensures smooth productivity and makes a person's life easier.


If you have read this paragraph, it means that you have already felt interest in the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series to the end. So what else do you have to think about? Keep buying. Trust me you won't regret it again Wear OS fans. Until today, Samsung is the only brand that can distribute this operating system update quickly, consistently and receive new generations.

So what are you waiting for, you can continue browsing the Galaxy Watch Studio or visit the Samsung Experience store and buy it now. The new promotion which is held now until December 31st comes with a special green themed gift box that will surely cheer up the hearts of your loved ones!

In conjunction with this promotion, Samsung is also offering free gifts worth up to RM727. Among them are a watch strap worth RM239, a 15W charger worth RM59, a watch endul (cradle) worth RM129 and also a trade-in rebate with savings of up to RM300.

Color Price Model

Galaxy Watch6 Classic

47mm LTE RM1,799 Silver, Black

Galaxy Watch6 Classic

47mm BT RM1,499

Galaxy Watch6 Classic

43mm LTE RM1,699

Galaxy Watch6 Classic

43mm BT RM1,399

Galaxy Watch6

44mm LTE RM1,499 Graphite, Silver

Galaxy Watch6

44mm BT RM1,199

Galaxy Watch6

40mm LTE RM1,399 Graphite, Gold

Galaxy Watch6

40mm BT RM1,099

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