TikTok Reportedly May Invest In Tokopedia In Indonesia To Rejoin Edagang Arena

 The Indonesian government is ready to ban trading activities through social media - thus forcing TikTok Shop to stop operating in the country. Continuing from that, now it is seen that TikTok is looking at several steps to be able to continue trading activities in Indonesia.

According to Bloomberg, TikTok is currently in discussions with GoTo Group to invest in Tokopedia. The discussions are expected to lead to an investment announcement in the coming weeks.

It is said that it is not a direct investment in Tokopedia, but will instead lead to the formation of a joint venture between TikTok and Tokopedia. This includes leading to the development of a new e-commerce platform.

But, there is also the possibility of TikTok investing directly in Tokopedia, which may make the relationship between Indonesia and TikTok even better.

With this new development, let's all look forward to the next phase of TikTok in the Southeast Asian region. It is not impossible if TikTok invests in local companies, then other countries also choose to ban the operation of TikTok Shop and require local investments to be made.

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