Varjo XR-4 Headset Launched With Price Reaching RM 64,000


The Varjo XR-4 headset was announced with the manufacturer saying it is capable of offering the most realistic mixed reality experience on the market. It is equipped with two Mini LED screens with a resolution of 3840×3744 pixels, 90Hz with a viewing angle of 120 degrees.

There are two 20MP cameras, a 0.3MP LiDAR sensor and a light sensor on the front. With this system, the XR-4 can combine virtual objects with the real world more realistically than their previous XR-3 set. Three versions are offered by Varjo which are the normal version, Focal Edition and Secure Edition which is more security oriented. The Secure Edition version targets use by the military or national security agencies.

Unlike the Meta Quest 3 or the Apple Vision Pro, the XR-4 is not equipped with any processor that allows it to operate independently. Instead it needs to be connected to a powerful PC to display high quality graphics like an HTC Vive.

The Varjo XR-4 retails for $3990 (~RM18,632) for the regular version and rises to $13,900 (~RM64,910) for the Secure Edition.

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