World's First Complete Eye Transplant Successfully Performed


A complete eye transplant procedure was successfully performed by specialists from NYU Langone Health last May. This achievement was only revealed a few days ago with Aaron James (46) being the first human to receive it. James suffered severe facial injuries after an accident involving high voltage at work.

He received a face transplant along with a left eye donated by a 30-year-old man. This face and eye transplant procedure took 21 hours involving 140 doctors, nurses and health experts. In addition to being the first human to receive an eye transplant in the world, he was also the 19th person to receive a face transplant in the United States. Although the points received now show no rejection issues, James still can't see using them.

Still, experts from NYU Langone Health say it's a positive first step toward enabling eye transplants in the future. Last year, NYU Langone Health also successfully transplanted two pig hearts and kidneys into brain-dead humans.

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