YouTube Family Premium Plan Mandatory Use of Same Address For Every Member

 YouTube Premium is a digital subscription service that gives subscribers access to ad-free YouTube as well as YouTube Music for one price. More and more users are seen starting to subscribe to this service as YouTube has started blocking access to their platform to users using ad blockers.

However, not many users like this so much that some try to save as much as possible by sharing family plan subscriptions with outsiders. On Reddit it recently went viral that YouTube will block their Premium access if subscribers who share a subscription do not share the same residential address.

For those who don't know, this is something that YouTube has long imposed just like Spotify and some other streaming platforms. The family plan is for families where all members must use the same address if YouTube does not want to block access to the premium features offered.

In Malaysia you can subscribe to YouTube Premium at a price of RM17.90 for individuals, RM33.90 for families with five members and RM10.90 for students. Each subscription also includes access to YouTube Music.

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