YouTube Introduces AI Feature That Generates Music Like Charlie Puth, Sia And T-Pain

 As they announced a few weeks ago, Google will add more artificial intelligence (AI) features to their products. Today YouTube announced two new features, Dream Track for Shorts and Music AI that allow users to generate background music with the help of AI for the content produced.

Dream Track for Shorts will generate a 30-second background song in the style of 9 top artists Alec Benjamin, Charlie Puth, Charli XCX, Demi Lovato, John Legend, Papoose, Sia, T-Pain, and Troye Sivan based on user-entered proms. The generated music can then only be used in the Shorts video.

Next is the Music AI tool that can help users who don't know how to play an instrument or read music notes create their own songs. They can sing the melody they want to produce to Music AI and then ask it to turn it into drum beats, guitar riffs and various other musical instruments.

Both of these features are given to a small number of users and YouTube content producers first to refine them before they are given to everyone. It is based on the Lyria AIO model developed by Google DeepMind.

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