ASUS ROG Phone 8 Leaked With Rear Panel Design Images

 ASUS ROG is a series of devices for the first one that is still standing while their competitors Razer, Black Shark and Legion have buried themselves waiting for a respawn. The presence of ASUS ROG Phone 8 is no longer a mystery because various information about it has been leaked. Now ASUS itself confirms the launch of this flagship gaming smartphone will arrive soon by revealing the design of the back panel.

There is a rather large camera bump that protrudes from the body on the back of the device. The original picture that was shared was a bit of a joke but if the image is edited more information can be seen such as the tri-camera and USB-C on the side. No active air vents can be seen on the back like the one on the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate or the RGB lighting system.

More information about this device will be shared soon. As a gaming device, it will definitely have shoulder buttons and high specifications. We're already starting to see regular Android flagships with 24GB of RAM this year and equipped with giant cooling vapor chambers. What innovations will be introduced by ROG Phone 8 later?

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