Beeper Mini Launched – iMessage On Android Without Apple ID, RM9.99 Per Month

 Beeper is an all-in-one messaging service developed by the founders of the Pebble watch. They now call themselves Beeper Cloud which is also famous for offering iMessage services on Android. Beeper is one that I have been using for over a year and recently they launched Beeper Mini.

What's interesting about Beeper Mini is that it brings iMessage support to Android devices without requiring the use of an Apple ID account. Just register a new account or sign in with a Google account. Every user will receive a free seven-day subscription.

In my tests, what Beeper Mini said it supported was Android to iPhone messaging without “green bubbles”, group chats, high-resolution photo and video sharing, message editing or unsending messages, message read marks, typing status, emoji reactions, Threaded messages, voice messages, stickers and GIF sharing can all be used without issue.

Beeper Mini basically turns phone numbers in Android devices into blue numbers. According to Beeper they use an API that directly connects messaging signals from the Beeper Mini to Apple's servers for Apple devices to detect Android messages as iMessages without an Apple ID account. Each message is also encrypted, guaranteeing the security and privacy of users even if they are not using Mac device servers such as Sunbird and Nothing Chats.

In Malaysia, Beeper Mini is offered at a price of RM9.99 per month after seven days of free access. Quite interesting as this is one of the best, cheapest deals for iMessage on Android.

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