Casio G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Carbon Edition Announced at RM10,745


We just got back from Casio G-SHOCK's 40th anniversary event in Bali last weekend and some special and limited edition products have been announced. What caught our attention is the Casio G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Carbon Edition which is made of a unique carbon material that makes the finish look like Damascus steel.

Three different carbon fiber materials are used on the frame, bezel and strap of this watch based on the DW-5000. Monocoq frame parts for example are made from a mixture of carbon and resin. The watch strap is made of laminated carbon material. The use of carbon fiber material makes it not only durable but also light. Sapphire glass is also used to provide resistance to scratches and shocks on the watch display.

It comes with bluetooth support allowing it to be paired to a smartphone with an app. Multiband 6 radio support will change the time on the clock automatically no matter where the user is. Finally there is the Tough Solar system to recharge the battery. The watch can also be used to dive up to a depth of 200 meters.

Two models are produced, the GCW-B5000UN-1 is colored gray and black making it look like outer space. The GCW-B5000UN-6 comes in blue and purple colors that take inspiration from the Milky Way. The selling price of Casio G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Carbon Edition is RM 10,745 per piece, it will be marketed in Malaysia in the near future.

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