CelcomDigi Introduces New 5G Postpaid Plan Starting at RM80 Per Month For 90GB


CelcomDigi has now completed the company's one-year anniversary, and in parallel, they are now announcing the introduction of a new 5G postpaid plan for new and existing customers.

Under this new plan, all come with 5G network support. In addition, CelcomDigi also includes unlimited call support with it.

The most basic plan is CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G 80, where it comes at a subscription price of RM80 per month (RM70 per month with contract). It offers 90GB of data access, and 5G speeds reach 100Mbps.

It was followed by the offer of Postpaid 5G 100 plan which offers 150GB data, 5G speed reaching 300Mbps, at a price of RM100 per month (RM90 per month with contract rebate).

The unlimited plan starts with Postpaid 5G 120, at a price of RM120 per month (RM110 per month with rebate), and hotspot usage is limited to 20GB per month. This is followed by a Postpaid 5G 140 plan at a price of RM140 per month (RM130 per month with contract rebate), as well as a 100GB hotspot offer. The highest plan is Postpaid 5G 160 which offers 5G data access at 500Mbps speed, and 300GB hotspot quota, at a price of RM160 per month (RM150 per month with contract rebate).

All plans can also be added with up to 6 family lines at prices starting at RM40 per month for 90GB of data or RM50 per month for unlimited internet. CelcomDigi is also present with special plans for other user devices, with offers starting at 30GB of additional line data at a price of RM40 per month.

According to CelcomDigi, even though this plan is offered, they will still maintain the existing postpaid plans offered under Celcom and Digi. There are no plans to end the offering of plans under both brands for the time being.

All interested users can register and subscribe to this plan starting December 1, 2023.

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