Chinese Companies Use Services of Malaysian Companies to Assemble Their Semiconductor Chips

 China has recently been seen to have found a way to develop their own high-performance semiconductor chips, and is now seen to dominate the high-powered computing arena such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and so on.

Recently, a report from Reuters said that Chinese companies want to use the semiconductor chip assembly expertise in Malaysia to assemble chips called "graphics processing units" or graphics processing units.

The local companies that cooperate with this Chinese company are seen to only install the graphics processor unit chips, and are not involved in the production and development process of semiconductor chips because that process would violate the economic sanctions imposed on China.

The demand for the installation of these graphics processing units is not surprising because high-powered graphics cards are commonly used for artificial intelligence, machine learning and various large-scale calculations.

The demand for the expertise of Malaysian technology companies in assembling semiconductor chips is also nothing new because the packaging, assembly and testing expertise of Malaysian companies is among the best in the world and 13 percent of global semiconductor chip packaging, assembly and testing takes place in Malaysia .

Among the well-known semiconductor chip assembly companies in Malaysia include Unisem, Malaysia Pacific Industries and Inari Amerton.

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