Corsair Introduces SSD MP600 Micro M2.2242 – Compact And Fast Storage For Portable PC Consoles

 Now with portable PC consoles such as Steam Deck, ROG Ally, Lenovo Legion Go and so on easier for the public to buy, one of the upgrades that users want to do is definitely regarding the built-in storage.

The storage component is one of the easiest components to upgrade on devices like this, and with the Corsair MP600 Micro M2.2242, Corsair has introduced a compact PCIe Gen4 SSD. Corsair says that it will come with a data read speed of 5100MBps and a data write rate of 4100MBps.

In terms of capacity, Corsair announced that this SSD will come with a 1TB capacity option first, and maybe more options will be shown later.

This Corsair MP600 Mini M2.2242 SSD has already started to be sold in a number of selected markets at a price of around $70 (~RM327).

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