Ericsson Develops Their Latest RAN Chip Using Intel 4 Chip Manufacturing Technology


Ericsson, a manufacturer of network components and equipment (which also has a cooperation agreement with the national 5G network infrastructure company DNB) has today announced that they have started developing a series of RAN (Radio Access Network) chips manufactured using Intel 4 chip manufacturing technology.

This means that the Ericsson RAN chip series, consisting of the RAN Processor 6672 chip and the Radio Processor 6372 chip can support up to 6 4G and 5G network modes at once, which is a significant improvement over Ericsson's previous component offerings.

These chips can also support indoor and outdoor use without problems, especially for networks that use specific frequencies to broadcast mobile internet networks for these areas.

But what is more interesting is that these chips are developed using the Intel 4 (4nm) chip manufacturing process through the IDM 2.0 program, which Intel wants to be one of the largest semiconductor chip manufacturers in the world. Intel is also expected to work with Ericsson in the future and develop ARM processing chips and some other clients using the 18A (1.8nm) process in 2025.

Intel should be seen introducing their 14th generation Meteor Lake processing chips as the first Intel 4 products, but this is also a good thing because it means that Intel has clients who want to use their semiconductor chip production services.

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