Gmail Improves Spam Filtering Capabilities Using RETVec


Gmail received new, better spam email filtering capabilities using the Resilient & Efficient Text Vectorizer (RETVec) system this week. According to Google, RETVec is the biggest improvement to their email filtering and security system to date.

The RETVec system was found to reduce the amount of spam received by up to 38% compared to the previous system. More importantly, it reduces the error of marking real emails as spam up to 19.49% percent while also solving the problem of important emails not being read.

RETVec can detect emails with emojis and special characters used by SPAM generators to bypass previous filters. Emojis were previously unreadable and resulted in them being missed in the main inbox. With SPAM not being missed, incidents of fraud and phishing using email can also be better fought. After internal testing using RETVec was done some time ago, it is now enabled for all Gmail users.

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