Google Bard Is Also Now Powered By Gemini

 The Google Gemini AI model was announced late last night and it is the most powerful model ever developed by Google so far. It comes in three different sizes namely Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro and Gemini Nano with it offering different performance features. If Gemini Nano is now available on Pixel 8 Pro devices, Bard now receives a capability upgrade through the use of Gemini Pro.

Bard with Gemini Pro is currently available in 170 countries in English only. With Gemini Pro, more accurate answers, less hallucinations and improved code understanding compared to Bard using the PaLM 2 model. Unlike Google Ultra, Bard with Google Pro is currently limited to text processors only without multi-modal support.

Starting next year, Bard Advanced will also be introduced using Gemini Ultra which supports multi-modal queries by users. Gemini Ultra is still in the testing phase to ensure it is safe to use before it can be given to all users.

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