Google Chrome Will Block Third-Party Cookies Starting January 2024


Google has previously stated they will end support for third-party cookies on the Chrome web browser. This is Google's move to provide more privacy to users but this change is delayed. A few days ago Google announced the termination of third-party cookies will be done starting January 4, 2024.

Google also told Tracking Protection, which is a feature that limits the tracking of user activities and prevents third-party cookies will be given to 1% of Chrome users first before being widely distributed in mid-2024. This is because by mid-2024, Google will fully use the Privacy Sandbox with API started being integrated into Chrome this year.

Blocking cookies will make it difficult for any tracker to know the user's activities and is expected to affect some services, including advertising and others. Selected users will see a notification about Tracking Protection. Users can also allow cookies if the website they are trying to access crashes or needs to be refreshed many times. But these cookies will have very limited tracking.

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