Grand Theft Auto VI Coming 2025 – The 12 Year Wait Is About To End


The Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) trailer was launched twelve hours earlier than it should have been this morning after it leaked onto the web arena. Through the shared trailer, it confirmed that the GTA series will return to Vice City for the first time since GTA: Vice City from 2002.

Based on the same trailer, we can see that the main character of this year's game is a woman who has just been released from prison. It is not known whether GTA 6 will follow his life journey after or before spending. There is no hint that more than one character can be controlled like GTA V before it.

Also interesting is that there is social media like TikTok in the game where players can follow the accounts of social media influencers or the police themselves. In terms of the map, it can be seen that the island area from GTA Vice City is back with a much larger rural area. At the end of the trailer, GTA 6 is confirmed to launch in 2025 ending the 12-year wait for a new GTA game.

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